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Alex in Halo 5 :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 0 Alex's Emblem in Halo 4 :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 1 0 Alex in Halo 4 :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 1 0 Fanart(?) for Riverspirit456 :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 1 8 King Serpantitus V :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 0 Every reaction ever of mine to Connie's death. :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 2 2 1998 Godzilla's Death my first reaction :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 4 Create a Freelancer-Agent California :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 12 Potato meme :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 2 Wow... :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 4 Oh dear... :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 0 YANG!!! COME ON!!! :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 0 0 NORA!!! :iconxxask-klausxx:XxAsk-KlausxX 1 0
The Recruit Chapter 16:Plans And Announcment
After waking up, Price made sure Katt was still asleep in his bed, he had taken the floor last night, knowing, since he had been in the military, he could sleep as soon as he wanted to. He made sure he locked his door before making his way to the lunch room to eat and drink his stuff, then, after he finished, walked back to his room and left a note for Katt saying he was going to the Control Room, which, considering how much he visited it, the new recruits were starting to call it the Second War Room. He arrived a while later and found that he was the first to arrive. Sighing in frustration, even though he knew that the people here were not used to such a militarized schedule as he was. After about five minutes, Sky, Mitch, Knight, Sam, and Katt all walked through the door, Katt and Mitch standing on both sides of him, making Sam scowl in frustration. "So, first things first, the first change Im making to this place is that we go by a more rigorously tight schedule, everyone is up by f
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The Recruit Chapter 15:The Reason John Holds Back
As Price walked down the hall, he noticed that the three recruits from some time ago were following him from a distance, making note of each face, the way they walked, and the expressions they carried, which, surprisingly, showed only curiosity. After a few minutes, he reached his destination and opened the door to his quarters, noticing a note from Katt on his bed, and one from Sam on his dresser. He grabbed Katt's first, thinking something was wrong if she didn't wait for him to talk to him. As he read, he noticed that the only words written were, "Courtyard. Night time." He shrugged, curious to know what she had to say. He then grabbed Sam's, seeing that the words were similar, only they said, "Courtyard. Noon. Tomorrow." He sighed, knowing what she probably wanted. After a few minutes, he heard the knock at his door that signaled the recruits' arrival. Sighing, he opened the door and invited them in, knowing they would stand there if he didn't. "You three are persistant, aren't you
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The Recruit Chapter 14:The Second War Is Coming
                                       SIX MONTHS AFTER FALL
As Price made his way to the Control Room, he had Katt, Mitch, Knight, and, after much persuasion, Sam. At first, he was reluctant to allow her, but after Sky and Mitch had practically bribed him with a place he could rest and stay safe from the Ender Creatures, how could he refuse, especially after they had promised for transport for Katt as well? Of course, he had not told her this, because he was afraid she would think it as running, which he never did unless it was a threat to those he cared for. When they reached the Control Room, Sky had the whole thing planned and mapped, as well as they weapons and gear they would require. "Now remember, the entirety of sectors A-1 to B10 has been swarming with Ender Creatures and our outposts in Sectors A-4, A-8, B-1, B-3, and B-8 have gone dark, therefor we have called on our best sav
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High School Love: A Lucario x Mewtwo fanfic: Ch. 1
"Hey, loser!"
The Lucario flinched when he heard that all-too-familiar voice. He turned to face a Jolteon, a Rhyperior, and a Gengar. Lucario was a timid Pokémon in Pokémon High School. He had moved from Cerulean City to Striaton City when his father got a job near Striaton City. Ever since he moved there, he was picked on by the three Pokémon.
Lucario wore a dark-blue shirt with an "L" in the middle. He wore pants that are green. Jolteon, the leader of the bully group, wore a blood-red shirt and yellow pants. Rhyperior, the brains of the bully group, wore a grey turtleneck shirt with black shorts. Gengar, the brawns of the group, wore a dark purple shirt with a Gastly as the logo, and he wore dark blue shorts. These three Pokémon had picked on the poor Lucario ever since he took his first step in Pokémon High School. And there's no way they are stopping anytime soon.
"Wh-what is it...?" Lu
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Halo - Rebel at Heart (Chapter 2)
Blurred voices awoke what was presumed a dead Spartan from an unnatural slumber. It was now night within the high mountains of Reach with the enormous green moon glowing gently. Eris could feel the ground move beneath her with the sound of an engine behind. The whole time Eris had blacked out they had been dragging her like a hunted stag up a mountain. They stopped suddenly, at this point Eris could only guess what was happening due to her facing the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle had started again but this time slower, dragging Eris that little bit more. Eris could see a make-shift gate that they pasted through with armed Rebel guards looking at her curiously as she was dragged through. Voices of not just a few, but a crowd grew louder. It was then Eris realized where she was, a Rebel stronghold camp.
There are no allies within the crowd that gathered around her weak form, no one to help her escape this place. Yet she could easily kill a couple or more before they took her down. But
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Rookie no more :iconubald007:ubald007 107 30 Halo - Stalemate :iconcfowler7:cfowler7 153 34 2 Cats Base :iconhellhoundatnight:HellHoundAtNight 603 98 I Hate YOU... :iconlineartsforall:LineartsForAll 529 108 Ask 13 :iconask-jackal:Ask-Jackal 11 19 Meme 1 :icondippy-dunk-on:Dippy-Dunk-On 1 1 Ask 7 :iconask-jackal:Ask-Jackal 7 10
Warrior Cats Name Dictionary
Hello and welcome to the warrior cats name dictionary! Here you can look at all the prefixes and suffixes and what they mean, helping you create the perfect name for an OC or character. Let's get started!
    Acorn - Naive; outgoing; curious; appearance of an acorn.
     Adder - Aggressive; loyal; appearance of an adder.
    Alder - Reserved; cautious; wise; appearance of an alder tree; see Bark; see Timber.
    Amber - Pushy; strict; amber-furred.
    Ant - Cooperative; cocky; appearance of an ant.
    Apple - Sweet; friendly; multi-skilled; appearance of an apple.
    Arch - Strict; aggressive; observant; appearance.
    Ash - Independent; moody; determined; appearance of ashes.
    Aspen - Reserved; intelligent; cold; natural leader; appearance of an aspen tree.
    Badger <
:iconsparkythewingedcat:SparkytheWingedCat 955 964
Scarlet River P117
     The moon had risen and the cave was silent. Shadows crept across the rocky floor as the sighs of sleeping cats whispered through the air. Riverpaw lifted her head, pricking her ears for any sound of movement. When she heard nothing, she let out a long breath. This is it.
Turning, she nudged Stonepaw. The grey tom opened his eyes and looked at her sadly.
    “So…you’re leaving now, huh?”
    Riverpaw nodded. Very carefully, she moved to wake Echopaw, but Stonepaw stopped her. After a moment of silence, he said,
    “Riverpaw. I…I don’t like it.”
    Riverpaw smiled.
    “I’ll be okay, you don’t have to worry.”
    Stonepaw shook his head.
    “No, I meant…I don’t…I don’t like how your fur always covers your eye.”
    Riverpaw stared at
:iconriverspirit456:RiverSpirit456 66 115
How to be a heartbreaker part 1 :iconminneo:minneo 80 49




Alex in Halo 5
Helmet: CQB
Armor: Helioskrill

It's been awhile, guys.
So, as you hopefully know, I write stories on I need some people to make covers for the stories, as well as help me with the stories when I'm stuck on things to write into the story. I especially need help in...well...every story I need a cover for. If you are good at drawing: Halo armor, Pacific Rim Jaegers/Kaiju, Xenomorphs/Yautjas, Destiny characters, and Jurassic World dinosaurs, then I want you to help me. You do not have to be a good artist, the art just needs to be clear as to what it is, and that is the only rule.


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Klaus: Klaus is Price's Klüb Ice counterpart, but keeps Price's skills and some memories, but is more of a sadistic freak when it comes to hurting others. He also has a German accent and likes to part and eat apples. He also hates bread.

John Price: Price is a more laid-back individual, and is strong enough to break free of Klaus' control for a few minutes if he wants to, but easily loses his self-control when he has breakdowns from his experiences with the military and Ender City, something he does not take pride in, and wants to forget about. But some demons, can never stay buried forever.


The three unknown recruits
A friend of mine, :iconxxask-gayfeatherxx: has adopted one recruit, who he named Jeremiah, so there are two left, one male and one female, once someone adopts, you have to tell me which one, and what their names and personalities will be like. Also if you think that the price is too high, tell me and I will lower it


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